Top 5 Benefits of Permanent Exterior Holiday Lighting for Your Home

Top 5 Benefits of Permanent Exterior Holiday Lighting for Your Home

Not everyone is aware that it is possible to have permanent exterior holiday lighting for your home. This is lighting that can be turned on and off easily, whenever the mood strikes you. In today’s blog article, we would like to offer five benefits of permanent exterior holiday lighting.

  1. Ready When You Are

For most people, installing holiday lighting is something they do in the fall and take down sometime in January. Not only is this dangerous, and usually performed by the homeowner, but you must wait for the right weather conditions to install you lights. In other words, you do not want to install or uninstall lighting in the driving rain, blowing snow, or heavy winds. When lights are installed permanently, all of these issues go away, and the lights are ready whenever you want to turn them on.

  1. Quality

Permanently installed lights are a better quality than what you buy at the local big box store. These are lights that are designed to withstand the weather and remain in place all year round. In addition, this kind of lighting is always ready to go. There is no tangle of strings of lights, daisy-chained together, which you have to figure out every year how to install.

  1. Safety

Consider the safety factor, of permanently installed lights versus flimsy strings of lights and extension cords. You have professionals installing lights once, not amateurs installing and uninstalling lights every year. Most homeowners are not safe teetering on a ladder or on their roofs.

  1. Convenience

When lights are permanently installed, you can turn them on for any holidays you want. You can even have a choice of what colors or what type of display you want, for example, solid or blinking. This is much more convenient than addressing your lights on a yearly basis. Permanently installed lights go on with the flick of a permanently mounted switch.

  1. Economics


Permanently installed lights are economic. These lights last longer, are more energy efficient, and deter crime because you can light up your exterior anytime you want with the flick of a switch. Install of constantly replacing your strings of big-box store lights, get some permanent ones that never need to be replaced other than a bulb or two, which is covered under warranty for years.


We love the idea of permanent exterior holiday lights because they make sense. If you are interested in permanent exterior holiday lights, give Northern Lights a call on the Lower Mainland at (604) 357-4781. This is our area of expertise.

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