Tips for Maintaining Your Langley Outdoor Lighting Systems

Tips for Maintaining Your Langley Outdoor Lighting Systems

Any outdoor lighting system needs regular maintenance. This is particularly true in Langley and throughout the Lower Mainland, where we have a challenging oceanic climate. In today’s blog article, we are going to give you some tips on how to maintain your outdoor lighting system.


The most obvious parts to check are the actual lights or lamps. At least a couple of time per year, turn on all the outside lights and check that they all illuminate. Even the best LED bulbs will need replacing from time to time.


If you have a light that is not illuminating, that does not necessarily mean that the bulb or lamp is the problem. Sometimes it is a problem with the connection. This is especially important in Langley and the Greater Vancouver area where we regularly have big windstorms that can damage electrical connections.

When there is more than one bulb not illuminating, there is a good chance it is a wiring issue. Take a look at the wiring and connections that are visible to you (not buried) and see if anything looks damaged or not connected.


Dirt is another issue. Bulbs or glass around bulbs will get dirty, and cleaning with a damp rag is necessary on a regular basis. In Langley and on the Lower Mainland, because of our heavy rains and rainy season, lights will get dirtier than in a dry climate.

If you are not sure what maintenance is needed for your lighting system, or if something is not working properly, and you do not know how to fix it easily, then, by all means, ask professionals—like us. We maintain lighting systems that we install and can help you get your lighting systems working like they should.

If you are interested in special event lighting, give Northern Lights a call on the Lower Mainland at (604) 357-4781. This is our area of expertise, and we arrange special event lighting all the time.

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